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An infrared panel emits heat rays - similar to a wood stove - that are absorbed by the walls, floors and objects in a room. When infrared panels of the right wattage are placed properly, the entire room will be gradually warmed in this way. The heated objects store heat up to three times longer than the air and gradually release it to the environment. The rising and cooling of air that occurs with conventional convection heating with central heating is thus prevented. This creates a very even air temperature, with the advantage that persons present in the room are themselves warmed up.

Best results through radiant heat

When you sit in a sunny spot on a cold winter day, you will quickly find it pleasant. However, when you move to a place in the shade, it will soon be too cold. This while the air temperature around you is the same. Thus, it is radiant heat that creates the feeling of comfort.

Energy-efficient and worry-free comfort

So with Infrared heating you heat the walls, floor and all the objects in a room. These transfer their heat back to the air. Because the air does not circulate as a result, the heat can be retained longer. In the process, the building envelope of the room remains heated. As a result, less energy is needed to maintain the desired room temperature. Heating with infrared heating is therefore energy efficient and comfortable.

Infrared panels as main or auxiliary heating

Infrared heating panels can be installed on the wall, and against the ceiling as main or auxiliary heating, providing an even and comfortable room temperature. Our range is composed of different brands and types of infrared panels of various wattages. Therefore it is always possible to heat an entire house or several rooms individually in the most efficient and comfortable way.

Infrared heating preferably on the ceiling

A-brand infrared panels have a radiation range of about 170 degrees and radiate about 3 meters around them. To make the most of that radiant range, ceiling mounting is the smartest place to install our infrared panels. With no radiators hanging on the walls, you immediately save a lot of space in your home.

Need a wholesaler who thinks with you?

Would you prefer the panel on the wall anyway?

Technically, our infrared panels can very well be installed on the wall. We even have special versions for that. However, the maximum efficiency is not achieved with wall mounting. This is because the radiation effectiveness from the ceiling is greatest and the radiation range of an infrared panel on the wall is often obstructed by objects.

Ceiling infrared panels are easy to install

We love innovative solutions, but also like to keep things simple and effective. Ceiling mounting infrared panels is one such example. Usually, ceiling mounting of infrared panels does not require complicated wiring and meter box modifications. The panels can then be connected to the existing power points in the ceiling. Any lighting points can be retained and switched separately. We can't make it any easier.

Powerful supplemental heating with infrared panels

Do you have a project where the customer cannot go completely off gas? Then efficient supplemental heating with an infrared panel is the best gas-free solution. The user sets the thermostat of the central heating system to a lower temperature and heats up where he or she sits with a powerful infrared panel. In this way, with a very small investment and virtually no installation time, substantial savings on gas costs can be achieved. Combined with a smart control such as a Wifi controller or remote control, the customer immediately benefits from comfortable warmth and low energy costs.

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A-brand infrared panels for the best TCO

It is not only the argument of large energy savings that is decisive for the application of our infrared panels. Especially the combination of features: easy installation, maintenance-free life span, flexible installation and an attractive design makes our products popular. When all costs are fully calculated, taking into account not only energy consumption, but also installation costs and maintenance, an unbeatable TCO compared to most other forms of electric heating is achieved.

HeatXL infrared heating

Our well-thought-out heating solutions allow for individual planning and freedom of installation. In addition, the many ways of application provide scope for combinations with other all-electric products, giving our dealers a competitive advantage. 

HeatXL - the Benelux supplier for infrared panels of the best quality - available from specialists throughout the Benelux.