In addition to our range of infrared panels, we offer electric heating for residential and office applications. We also supply a range of electrical solutions for heating industrial halls and workplaces. Each and every product is of the best quality, composed of high quality materials with selected components. Careful finishing with attention to detail is what makes our range special! With our product range, you make your customers, easily and inexpensively, without intensive construction work independent of gas!

Whether heating a residential home, office or commercial warehouse. We have an energy efficient all electric answer to your heating needs for new construction and renovation of existing heating system. Take advantage of the most economical A-brand infrared panels with healthy radiant heat for maximum efficiency and energy savings. Our infrared panels use patented ESHC heating elements. That technology provides excellent heat distribution, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Metal infrared panels

White metal infrared panels fit seamlessly into any interior. With a matte white finish, these are the panels most commonly used in housing projects and offices. Because the quiet design blends in against a white wall or ceiling, the panels are harmoniously incorporated into any space. In our assortment you will find metal white panels from different A-brands. Each of them top quality products that excel in energy efficiency and ease of installation.

Glass infrared panels

Infrared panels with a glass finish, are a beautiful and technically sound solution as energy-efficient heating in homes. The luxurious look and sleek design make for an unprecedented high-quality heating solution. The panels with a glass finish are usually applied to the wall. When you choose the glass panels from the A-brand Welltherm you benefit from ESHC heating technology. This technology ensures very good distribution and maximum energy efficiency.

Blackboard infrared panels

Optimal heating results and universal writing convenience. We are bringing back the blackboard as an infrared panel into modern furnishings. In the form of an energy-efficient heating system. In our range we supply blackboard infrared panels of high quality from different brands. We supply writable panels with a black glass finish as well as metal panels with chalkboard lacquer. So there is always a solution for your client's project.

Mirror infrared panels

A mirror image has never been so warm! With our mirror infrared panels, your customer finally has a clear view of his own reflection. We supply infrared mirror panels in different sizes and designs. A perfect solution for bathrooms. Because we have different brands in our range there is always a suitable mirror for your project!

System ceiling infrared panels

Infrared panels for offices with suspended ceilings. The best camouflaged infrared heating in our range. Maximum savings with minimum effort. That's what this solution is all about. The panels can be easily installed in the grid of a suspended ceiling. That way you choose energy-efficient main heating or targeted supplementary heating above the desks in your client's project.

Industrial infrared heating

For maximum savings in the industrial environment. Large energy savings can be achieved by targeted heating of workplaces in industrial halls. As the market leader in infrared heating, we and our partners have developed infrared emitters especially for this application. Both short-wave emitters with DAZEX technology and high-temperature ceramic emitters. Depending on the intended application, you can help your customer save up to 70% on their gas bill!

What type of infrared heating do you need?


Maximum control and optimal savings! Whether you are about to undertake an extensive renovation of a heating system, or simply want to install an infrared panel in a room. In either situation, our thermostats offer the perfect solution for targeted control and optimal energy efficiency. With both wireless solutions and control via a fixed cable in the wall, there is always a solution for your customer's project. Of course, there are also various options for controlling the thermostats via a WiFi app on the phone.

Desk heating

The HeatXL infrared desk heater is specially designed for heating workstations in offices and heating under desks. These smart infrared panels offer a simple and efficient solution for offices where people experience cold complaints around the legs. With an adhesive layer you can easily mount these panels in a space-saving way directly under the desk or roller cabinet. When combined with a system ceiling insert infrared panel, comfort can be controlled per workstation.

Desk heating

Electric heating

To complement our range of infrared panels, we also live electric convectors and radiators. Despite higher energy consumption, these electric heaters provide comfortable warmth quickly and easily. With a relatively low purchase price and easy installation, they are suitable for a variety of applications. Consider a bathroom radiator to dry towels or an electric heater low to the wall. Here, too, our customers' wishes have been listened to. From a modern design to control with Wifi we have it all.